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Petrucci problems _7

Petrucci problems _7 - problem sets will be counted fair...

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Chemistry 2080 Spring 2011 Petrucci Problem Set #7 Boilerplate: [The following problems are all from Petrucci et al, Chapter 16. They are not to be handed-in, but to encourage you to have a go at them, one question on each prelim, and two questions on the final exam will be taken verbatim from the Petrucci problems that are assigned. I will let you know well before each exam which
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Unformatted text preview: problem sets will be counted fair game for that exam. More information is available on the Course Information sheet, which is also on the Chem 2080 Blackboard site.] Chapter 16: 12, 15, 25, 27, 28, 31, 32.- David Usher, March 17th, 2011....
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