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Lee Blake Education I really enjoyed this class. I think that in any job a basis of education is a good thing because you can understand how people learn. In a business you need to be able to communicate how to complete a task to someone who may not even know the first step. You are teaching him how to do the job the right way. Education as a career has never really been an interest before this class, but I really learned how much the teachers do throughout their day. I think it would be an interesting challenge for me to teach an entire class, especially after all the things we learned about what can go wrong in the classroom. I have
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Unformatted text preview: grown a new appreciation for the teachers that taught me in lower, middle, and high school. I think I missed class twice in the year maybe three; however I enjoyed going to class more than any of my other classes. I think with the amount of work I did I think I earned a B to B+ in the class. The midterm really killed my grade, but I was feeling sick that whole week so I think I will be able to raise my grade in the Final. Thank you Mrs. Elmore you were a great teacher and I wish I could take more of your classes in the future....
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