CITP 3310 Assignment 1

CITP 3310 Assignment 1 - calculate the subtotal. If the...

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CITP 3310 Assignment 1 Write a C# console application program: Shopping cart program You have an online store selling fruits. First, you have to ask user input name, phone number, address, and email. Second, you have to display the menu on the screen. Oranges $2, Apples $3, tomatoes $5, bananas $0.5, pears $10, grapes $4.8 Then, the program asks the user how many does the user want for each item and
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Unformatted text preview: calculate the subtotal. If the subtotal is over $60, the program gives 10% discount. Final, you have to show items and the subtotal before tax, tax, and total on the screen and display user’s information and thank you messages at the end....
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