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Schools of Jurisprudential Thought 11. The proponents of feminist legal theory argue that women should have superior rights to men in some circumstances due to the past unequal treatment of women. F [moderate p. 7] 12. The Natural Law School of jurisprudence believes that the law should be based on what is moral and correct, and that this natural law is discovered by man through the use of reason. T [easy p.7] 13. The Historical School of jurisprudence believes that the law should not change and that what has historically been the law should remain the law. F [moderate p. 7] 14. The Sociological School of jurisprudence emphasizes the following of precedent. F [moderate p. 7] 15. The Command School of jurisprudence believes that the law commands the ruling class, thus the law should not change when there is a change in the ruling class. F [easy p. 7] 16. Proponents of the Critical Legal Studies School argue for great subjectivity in decisions
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Unformatted text preview: made by judges. T [moderate p. 8] 17. The Law and Economics School of jurisprudential thought holds that rights are not worth protecting if it is too costly from an economic viewpoint to do so. T [easy p. 8] 18. The Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution gave women the right to vote. T [difficult p. 7] 19. In the past the law did not allow married women in the United States to own property. T [difficult p. 6] 20. The Law and Economics School of jurisprudential thought is also known as the “Chicago School.” T [difficult p. 8] History of American Law 21. The English law courts could only award monetary damages. T [moderate p. 9] 22. The English law courts emphasized legal procedure over the merits of the individual case. T [easy p. 9] 23. The English Chancery Courts were under the authority of the Lord Chancellor....
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