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43. Which of the following is most consistent with the Natural Law School of jurisprudence? a. Law is based on moral and ethical principles of what is right, and it is the job of men and women, through study, to discover what these principles are. b. The law is a reflection of society, thus the law must change naturally as society changes over time. c. The laws of man are secondary to the laws of nature, and thus the laws of nature take precedence whenever the laws of man are in conflict with the laws of nature. d. By applying the rules of logic to specific cases, the logical, or natural, result will be obtained. e. Laws must first and foremost respect, preserve and promote the preservation of the environment and life in all its forms. A [moderate, p 6] 44. The __________________ School of jurisprudence believes that legal rules are unnecessary and used by the powerful to maintain the status quo, and that disputes should be resolved based on general notions of fairness a. The Historical School.
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Unformatted text preview: T. b. The Natural School . c. The Command School. T. d. The Critical Legal Studies School. . D [moderate p. 8] 45. The Critical Legal Studies School of jurisprudence believes that: a. F Free market forces and market efficiency are the most important principles underlying the law. b. P Past court decisions must be analyzed and criticized in developing new law. c. S Subjective decision making by judges based on general notions of fairness is appropriate. d. O The purpose of law is to serve as an official voice of criticism of those in power. e. J Judges should employ the same critical methods of analyzing cases in the courtroom that law schools use in teaching the law to students. C [moderate p. 8] 46. The school of jurisprudence that believes that free market forces should determine the outcomes to lawsuits is: a. T The Command School. b. T The Sociological School. c. T The Critical Legal Studies School. 6d. T The Law and Economics School. D [moderate p. 8]...
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