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52. Which of the following is true about the creation of courts in England? a. The law courts were created in order to have broader jurisdiction than the merchant courts. b. The merchant courts were created in order to have more flexibility in fashioning remedies than the chancery courts. c. The equity courts were created to allow remedies that could not be granted by the law courts. d. The different types of courts were created in order to handle different types of cases, but the remedies available to the different courts were the same. e. Today, the Merchant Court remains a separate system of courts in England and C [moderate p. 9] the United States. 53. Why was “common law” considered to be “common? a. I I t was the law that applied to the common people. b. B It was uniformly applied and was therefore common to the various jurisdictions in England. c. I It was the same in England and the United States, and thus common to the
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Unformatted text preview: two nations. d. I It was the law that applied to common , everyday situations. B [difficult p. 9] 54. Which of the following is a distinguishing feature of a common law legal system? a. R Requiring guilt to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. b. The sole source of law is a comprehensive Civil Code. U c. F The making of law by the judges and the following of precedent. d. H Having an appeal process. e. P Providing remedies to aggrieved parties. C [medium p. 9] 55. Which of the following is true about United States law today? a.The law of all states is based on English common law. b. In several states, a portion of the law is based on civil law. c. The law and equity courts remain separate in most states today. d. The laws of the 50 states are essentially similar. B [moderate p 9]...
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