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56. law is 57. A legal system that relies on extensive codes in which judicial decisions do not become known as what kind of legal system? a. Code law . b.Equitable law . 58. In a. b. c. d. A c. Common law . d. Civil law . D [easy p. 10] Influential Civil Codes include the following except: a. Tt he Napoleonic Code. b. Tt he Roman Corpus Juris Civilis . c. Tt he Spanish Civil Code of 1898. d. Tt he German Civil Code of 1896. C Sources of Law in the United States [moderate p. 10] the United States, what is the Supreme Law of the land? T The U.S. Constitution. T The statutes passed by Congress. T Executive orders issued by the President. T State constitutions. [moderate p. 10] 59. Which branch of government has the authority to determine the validity of a law? a. Executive. . b. Administrative. . c. Judicial. . d. Legislative. . C [easy p. 10] 60. Assume that there is a provision in the Colorado state constitution that is in conflict with a statute that was passed by the U.S. Congress and enacted into law. Which is true? a.
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