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10 - c Dispute Adjudication only d All of the above...

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62. The Uniform Commercial Code is an example of what type of law? a.Statutory law. granted. a. I Is determined solely by the respective Indian tribe. b. I Is within the control of the federal government because of provisions in the U.S. Constitution. c. I Is determined solely by the state in which the reservation is located. d. H Has been found by the courts, in many instances, to have been improperly B [difficult p. 11] b. Treaty. c. Administrative law. d. Judicial law. e. Executive order. A [moderate p. 11] 63. When statutes are organized by topic, the resulting compilation of law is known as: a. A A code. b. C Common law. c. C Civil law. d. P Precedent. A [moderate p. 11] 64. The ability of Native American Indians to conduct gambling operations on Indian reservations: 65. Which of the following powers do administrative agencies typically have? a. Rulemaking only . b. Statute Interpretation only
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Unformatted text preview: . c. Dispute Adjudication only . d. All of the above. D [moderate p. 12] 66. The Federal Trade Commission is an example of: a. A A federal agency created by Congress. b. A A corporation subsidized by the federal government. c. A A branch of the U.S. Supreme Court. d. A A temporary commission created by executive order that has become permanent. e. A A judicially-created subdivision of the executive branch. A [easy p. 12] 67. The power of the president to issue executive orders: a. I Is expressly provided for in the U.S. Constitution. b. W Was granted to the president in an early Supreme Court decision. c. I Is implied, but not expressly stated in the U.S. Constitution. d. I s Ss ubject to a two-thirds approval of the Senate. e. E Exists only because it has never been challenged. 10 C [moderate p. 12]...
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