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68. The export of software encryption technology from the United States is prohibited: a. H By the U. S. Constitution. b. I By a federal statute passed by Congress. c. By treaty. d. By executive order. D 69. Stare Decisis is the doctrine of: [moderate p. 12] a. government. S Separation of powers so that decisions are not made by a single branch of F Following precedent so that legal principles in earlier cases are followed in later C Constitutional principles applied when making any decision. S Spending long periods of time looking at facts before making a decision. [difficult p. 13] cases. b. c. d. B 70. What use may a court of one state make of an earlier state court decision made in another
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Unformatted text preview: state? a. though it is system. other in the If the earlier decision in the other state is relevant, it must be followed even from another state because all of the states are part of one legal When deciding the case, the court deciding the case cannot take the decisions of states into account. Earlier court decisions are equally relevant as precedent whether they were made same state or in a different state. The court of the state deciding a case can look to earlier court decisions in other guidance in deciding the case at hand, but is not required to follow them. [difficult p. 13]...
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