18 - F[moderate pp 29-30 23 Even where a long-arm statute...

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18. The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit is located in New York City. F [easy p. 25] 19. Appeals from the Court of International Trade are heard by the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. T [easy p. 25] The Jurisdiction of Courts 20. A federal question case brought in federal district court must meet the minimum dollar amount limit of $75,000. F [moderate p. 28] 21. The concept of standing requires that the plaintiff have a stake in the outcome of the case that is filed. T [easy p. 29] 22. Subject matter jurisdiction is not necessary in a lawsuit where there is in rem jurisdiction.
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Unformatted text preview: F [moderate pp. 29-30] 23. Even where a long-arm statute is present, a defendant must have had some minimum contact with a state for that state’s courts to have jurisdiction over the defendant. T [moderate p. 30] 24. A forum-selection clause allows parties to a contract to designate and agree to the jurisdiction of a court that otherwise might not have personal jurisdiction. T [moderate p. 30] 25. Courts generally frown upon forum shopping . T[easy p. 31]...
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