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The Pretrial Litigation Process 26. The document filed to initiate a lawsuit is known as an allegation. F [moderate p. 33] 27. In an answer filed for a lawsuit, the defendant must present the defendant’s version of the events described in the complaint. F [moderate p. 33] 28. A party must file a motion to consolidate in order to become a party to a preexisting lawsuit between other parties F [easy p. 34] 29. A statute of limitation provides time limits for initiating lawsuits. T [moderate p. 35] 30. In general, a party must wait until the trial to find out the facts of the other party’s case.
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Unformatted text preview: F [moderate p. 36] 16 The Trial 31. For a trial to be conducted with a jury, both parties must request a jury trial. F [moderate pp. 38-39] 32. Potential jurors are selected to hear specific cases through the process of voir dire . T [easy p. 39] Alternative Dispute Resolution 33. An arbitrator’s decision is generally known as a judgment. F [easy p. 41] 34. The Uniform Arbitration Act is a federal statute that applies to all states. F [easy p. 42] 35. The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the use of arbitration to solve employment disputes. T [easy p. 42]...
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