20 - has an appointed judge rather than an elected judge....

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MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS—LEGAL CONCEPTS The State Court Systems 36. The following are examples of limited jurisdiction trial courts except: a. small claims court. b. appellate court. c. family law court. d. traffic court. e. probate court. B [easy p. 22] 37. An inferior trial court is one that: a. can hear only matters involving relatively small dollar amounts. b. has had a larger than normal portion of its decisions overturned on appeal. c.
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Unformatted text preview: has an appointed judge rather than an elected judge. d. can only hear certain kinds of cases. e. must have all of its decisions approved by a higher court before they become effective. D [moderate p. 22] 38. Which article of the United States Constitution deals with the judicial power of the federal government? a. Article I. b. Article II. c. Article III. 17d. e. C Article IV. Article V....
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