22 - 44 The U.S claims court hears what kind of cases a Any case with claims involving more than one state b Civil cases where at least $75,000 is

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44. The U.S. claims court hears what kind of cases? a. Any case with claims involving more than one state. b. Civil cases where at least $75,000 is in dispute. c. Cases against the United States. d. Cases where counterclaims have been filed. e. Cases involving disputes in the way an earlier case was decided. C [moderate p. 24] 45. Most federal circuits of the federal appellate court system are determined based on: a. Geography. b. The subject matter of the case being appealed. c. Whether the case is criminal or civil. d. The amount in controversy in the appeal. e. Whether the appeals come from state or federal courts. A [easy p. 25] 46. Which of the following is generally true about federal appellate court proceedings? a. The appeals can come only from a U.S. district court. b. New evidence can be introduced, so long as it relates to the evidence introduced in the original trial. c. Appeals are usually heard by a three-judge panel rather than by all the judges of the court. d. To avoid being improperly influenced by the lower court decision, the appellate
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