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60. How are long-arm statutes and forum-selection clauses similar? a. They both eliminate the necessity for a court to have subject matter jurisdiction. b. They both eliminate any requirement that there be a connection between a state and a party over whom that state is attempting to exercise jurisdiction. c. They both can be factors in determining whether or not a state has personal jurisdiction over a defendant. d.They both eliminate the need to meet venue requirements in a case. C [difficult p. 30] 61. How is a forum-selection clause related to questions of personal jurisdiction? a. The two are not related at all. b. The forum-selection clause will be valid only if it names a jurisdiction that would have personal jurisdiction over the parties to the contract even in the absence of the forum-selection clause. c. Forum-selection clauses are attempts by some parties to contracts to take away jurisdictional rights from the other party, and are generally found to be invalid. d. A forum- selection clause will specify which courts have personal jurisdiction over the parties to the
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