28 - standing only if she files the lawsuit in Wyoming. c....

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75. When an appellate court receives a case appealed to it, it will: a. b. c. d. D 76. In a. b. c. d. B retry the case with a new jury. review the jury’s verdict to see if the appellate court judges would have reached the same result. retry the case with the appellate court judge acting as the jury. review the record of the trial court so see if there were any errors of law made by the judge. [difficult p. 40] general, an appellate court might typically reverse which of the following? The trial court’ s findings of fact. The trial court’ s conclusions of law. Both A and B. Neither A nor B. [moderate p. 40] MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTION—FACTUAL APPLICATION The Jurisdiction of Courts 77. Two friends, Mary and Dean, are hiking in the Colorado mountains when a dog being walked by its owner, Wally, who is from Wyoming, bites Dean, causing injury. Mary wants Dean to sue Wally, but Dean does not want to incur the cost. Which of the following is true? a. Mary does not have standing to sue Wally, the owner of the dog. b. Mary will have
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Unformatted text preview: standing only if she files the lawsuit in Wyoming. c. Whether Mary has standing depends on whether Mary files the suit in state or federal court. d. Mary has standing if Dean consents to Mary filing the suit. e.Marys presence at the time of Deans injury gives her standing to file suit. A [difficult p. 29] 78. Tammi Tenant was a university student in Ohio who rented a house from Loretta, who also lived in Ohio. Upon graduation, Tammi moved to Nebraska. Assuming that one party sued the other in connection with the lease after Tammi had moved to Nebraska, which of the following correctly describes the court(s) with jurisdiction over the defendant? If Loretta sued, there would be personal jurisdiction over Tammi in: If Tammi sued, there would be personal jurisdiction over Loretta in: Ohio only Ohio only Nebraska only Nebraska or Ohio Ohio only a. Ohio only b.Nebraska only c. Nebraska or Ohio d. Nebraska or Ohio e. Nebraska or Ohio E [difficult p. 30]...
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