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Unformatted text preview: ESSAY QUESTIONS—FACTUAL APPLICATION The Jurisdiction of the Courts 86. Steve often purchases office supplies from Supplymax, a company with stores in many states, but none in Steve’s home state of Missouri. Supplymax does, however, maintain a distribution center in Kansas City, Missouri. Supplymax does not advertise in Missouri except that it places a few advertisements in national magazines, some of which are sold in Missouri. Steve has an arrangement with their store in Chicago, and Steve will often contact the Chicago store and have them hold items for him to pick up when he is on one of his frequent business trips to Chicago. Last year, Steve purchased eight chairs from Supplymax to use with his conference table at his business. At a recent meeting with his local sales staff, one of the chairs collapsed, injuring Steve. Steve has sued Supplymax in state court in his hometown of St. Louis. Supplymax does not want to have this case heard in St. Louis, or anywhere in Missouri for that matter. But if does not want to have this case heard in St....
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