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39 - 50 36 As originally drafted the protections in the...

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50. As originally drafted, the protections in the Bill of Rights limited intrusive action by: a. The federal government only. 36 [moderate p. 57] [moderate pp. 52-53] b. State governments only. c. Federal, state, and local governments. d. The legislative and executive branches of the federal government, but not to state and local governments. e. The federal government and businesses that operate across state lines. A [moderate p. 57] 51. What did the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution do? a. It established prohibition. b. It granted the power to regulate interstate commerce to Congress. c. It gave Congress the power to place reasonable restrictions on commercial speech. d. It made the protections in the Bill of Rights applicable to actions by state D [moderate p. 65] B a. b. but it c. [difficult p. 59] governments. 52. Do the protections in the Bill of Rights apply to corporations? a. Y es, in all instances. b. Yes, in most, but not all, instances. c. Only in those instances where Congress has specifically stated that they do apply. d.
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