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61. Which Constitution? 38b. It applies only to those religions in existence on the date the Constitution became effective. c. It gives practitioners of any religion absolute rights to take part in actions that are based on the religion. d. It allows the government to establish an official religion or religions so long as citizens remain free to practice any other religion they choose. A [moderate p. 63] 62. Which of the following would likely violate of the freedom of religion protections in the U.S. Constitution? a. b. c. of d. e. E their The government promoting one religion as better than other religions. The government
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Unformatted text preview: preventing the practice of unpopular or fringe religions. The government establishing a time in school for persons to practice the religion choice. AandBonly A,BandC [moderate p. 63] 63. An equal protection challenge to a statute that treats adults of different ages differently would be decided by using what standard? a. Intermediate scrutiny. b. Majority scrutiny. c. Strict scrutiny. d. Rational basis scrutiny. e. Limited scrutiny. A [easy p. 65]...
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