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Ashly Price I felt that the results were accurate to me; I have a hard time when I am giving four patterns and told which one comes next because I do not understand how to look at it. The test was a little biased because it asked what hair color you have, I think this is biased because I am a natural blonde and I do not like the stereotype that all blondes are dumb. I was picked on in elementary school because I had blonde hair and everyone thought I was dumb and talked to be slowly so I could understand the question. I eventually grew out of hating my hair color and people realized that I was not dumb. Once I got to high school every
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Unformatted text preview: one was dying their hair blonde to try to fit in with the other blondes in the school, everyone would copy off of my papers because I had the highest grade in the class. I eventually started to dye my hair darker because everyone was dying it but I do not care if people think I am dumb or not because I know that it is not true. I do not think that the score should be compared to other people because everyone learns differently and knows about different things. I am better at logical questions than questions about patterns....
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