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intake - This is a very common problem for the 3.4 engine...

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This is a very common problem for the 3.4 engine. GM forgot to put locktite on the manifold bolts so over time they back out and you get coolant leaks. This should have been a recall but you know the car companies. Anyway, you can purchase a new manifold gasket kit for under $50 from most autoparts stores. Doing it yourself will take 3-4 hours if you have the tools. Remember the locktite! This is much better than spending $1000-1200 at the dealer. Remember to get new bolts from the dealer. You are supposed to change them. The most frustrating thing was that in opposite corners of the intake manifold the bolt is situated in a little cavity of the manifold itself and there is literally no way to get a torque wrench on it. You need a crows foot attachment (which of course I didn’t have) So I just had to tighten it manually. I do have the torque value adjustment formula if you do have a crow’s foot attachment. Just email me for a copy of the file.
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  • Spring '11
  • Kj
  • Distributor, Ignition system, Ignition coil, new manifold gasket, crows foot attachment, torque value adjustment

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