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Rosetta Stone - Step by step instructions(Do them in exactly this order 1 Download the version 3 application from

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Unformatted text preview: Step by step instructions: (Do them in exactly this order. 1. Download the version 3 application from and install it. **2.) Run the program! It may go right to the activation screen. Ignore it, and close the program after opening it. This will automatically generate the necessary tracking.db3 file needed to run the update on step 3! Simply deleting the tracking.db3 file may or may not solve the 5118/9212 error message. 2. Download the version 3 update from and install it. 3. Download the version 3 patch from Put patch.exe in the Rosetta Stone directory at C:\Program Files\Rosetta Stone\Rosetta Stone V3 and double click on it. If you are using Vista, right-click on it first and select run as admin. 4. Download the languge files you want from esarhaddon's page: and mount them with daemon (the easiest to use). 5. Run the Rosetta Stone application and click check for updates later, click on add languages, add the first language, unmount the first language disk and mount the other levels of that language or other languages you want to learn. Do add another language until you have all of them that you want. 6. Click on activate or whatever. 7. The patch will keep RS from going to the RS website and ask if you want to activate by phone. Click on show me how. Enter all Xes for each of the languages listed. 8. RS will show you some numbers to give the person you supposedly are calling. Instead of calling, enter all 1s as if the RS representative had given you them, Once again, do this for all the languages listed. 9. Click OK and RS will thank you for licensing. ...
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