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Discussion Notes - Week5DiscussionThursday,February03,2011...

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Week5 - Discussion Thursday, February 03, 2011  1. Differing ideas of place shaped by “politic of location” a. Politics of location  – i.  location   about how one is situated within categories of difference such  as gender/class/race/geography;  ii. politics   what is at stake, what/who’s interest is involved, what could be  gained/lost, pot conflicts involved in being in/out b. “anti police” – can’t account on police  c. Korean town: American dream crushed after many criminal  i. People follow the rule and learn the structure of new places, by getting  enough working, sending kids to best school ii. People play by the rule, but all the sudden, bad things happened which  change people point of view and reconsider about the place (safe/unsafe) 2. Structure agency  –  a. Have to do “limit of action” choice b. Structure   social, political, economic cultural patterns that limit/choices shape
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Discussion Notes - Week5DiscussionThursday,February03,2011...

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