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Geography 3, 2011 Lecture 1 Outline I. Welcome, introductory comments, and syllabus. II. Cultural geographers are interested in is how and why location matters . III. Cultural geographers are also interested in space and place as social processes . For cultural geographers: “Space” is a social process that takes shape through relations of power. “Place” refers to the identities ascribed to these processes; the identification of them— the naming and characterization of space. IV. Cultural/social/human geographers are interested in where and why things are located
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Unformatted text preview: or arranged the way they are. The classroom as an example. V. Cultural geographers are also interested in how people relate to their environments/surroundings and why different people experience them in different ways. The classroom as an example, again. VI. Geographers are also interested in the ways people and places are connected across the globe. Our own lives as examples. 1...
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