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Geog 3 Lecture 3 Outline I. Recap II. Finish discussion of “senses of place” snippets. A. Lisa Law’s piece is about how Filipina domestics create a sense of home, of the Philippines, in public spaces in Hong Kong. sensory landscapes: evocations of places through senses such as smell, taste, and sound. B. Keith Basso’s piece is about Apache Indians in Cibecue Arizona and their “spatial conception of history”: ways of understanding the past in relation to specific places. III. The Rules of Place: Schools, Cities, and Shopping Malls as Landscapes of Power and Difference A. Landscape: the arrangement or pattern of things on land; the look or style of the land; the shape and structure of a place.
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Unformatted text preview: When we talk about landscapes we’re interested in: 1) the things that are represented or signified by their arrangement 2) the social relations that go into its making 3) the kinds of social relations that are encouraged or fostered by certain it. Discussion of Rina Swentzell’s piece as an illustration. Disucussion of David Grazian piece as another illustration B. Rules of place: the both spoken and unspoken, recognized and unconscious, ways people are expected to behave in certain settings. Clip from Seinfeld as an illustration. Proxemics: the study of the different ways people perceive and use space in different places and cultures 1...
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