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Ch 2 - Public Speaking Ethics and You Chapter 2 1 Topic...

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Public Speaking, Ethics, and You Chapter 2 1. Topic- What the speech is about; a topic may be assigned to the speaker, or the speaker may have to choose one based on personal interests, experience, and knowledge. 2. Audience analysis- The process of gathering and analyzing demographic and psychological information about audience members with the explicit aim of adaptating your message to the information you uncover. 3. General speech purpose- A declarative statement that answers the question “Why am I speaking on this topic for this particular audience and occasion?” Usually the general speech goal is to inform, to persuade, or to make a special occasion. 4. Specific speech purpose- A refined statement of purpose that zeroes in more closley than the general purpose on the goal of the speech. 5. Thesis statement- The theme or central idea of a speech that serves to connect all the parts of the speech. The main points the supporting material and the conclusion all relate to the thesis.
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