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Ch 3 - 4 Pre-performance anxiety a form of public speaking...

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Public Speaking, Ethics, and You Chapter 3 1. Public speaking anxiety- Fear or anxiety associated with a speaker’s actual or anticipated communication to an audience. 2. Pre-preperation anxiety- A form of publicspeaking anxiety that occurs the moment speaker’s learn they must give a speech. 3. Preperation anxiety- A from of speaking anxiety that arises when the speaker begins to prepare for a speech, at which point he or she might feel overwhelmed at the amount of time and planning required.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Pre-performance anxiety- a form of public speaking anxiety that occurs when the speaker begins to rehearse a speech. 5. Performance anxiety- A form of public speaking anxiety that occurs the moment a speaker begins to deliver a speech. 6. Visualization- An exercise for building confidence in which the speaker closes his or her eyes and envision a series of positive feeling and reactions that will occur on the day of the speech....
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