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Ch 4 - External listening distraction virtually anything in...

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Listeners and Speakers CHAPTER 4 Feedback loop: the circular response between speaker and listener. The speaker adjust their message based on their listener’s reaction and vice versa Listening : the conscious act of recognizing, understanding, and accurately interpreting the message communicated by others Selective perception: people pay attention selectively to certain messages while ignoring others Dialogue: from Greek, means “through worlds” Dialogue communication: the sharing of ideas and open discussion through worlds Active listening: is focused, purposeful listening Listening distraction : anything that competes for attention that you are trying to give to something else
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Unformatted text preview: External listening distraction : virtually anything in the environment such as noise, movement, light, dark, heat or cold … Internal listening distraction : thoughts and feelings, both positive and negative, that intrudes on our attention. Defensive listening: the listeners decide either that they won’t like what the speaker is going to say or that they know better Critical thinking: the ability to evaluate claims on the basis of well-supported reasons Valid generalization : is supported by different types of evidence from different sources, but it does not make claims beyond a reasonable point. Overgeneralization: the unsupported conclusions...
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