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Ch 9 - Public Speaking Ethics and You CHAPTER 9 Almanac-A...

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Public Speaking, Ethics and You CHAPTER 9 Almanac- A reference work that contains facts and statistics in many categories, including those that are lactated to historical, social, political, and religious subjects. Atlas - A collection of maps, text, and accompanying charts and tables. Database - A searchable place, or “base,” in which information is stored and from which it can be retrieved. Dewey decimal number - An identifying number that allows that user to retrieve library books and other works that have been classified according to the Dewey decimal system. Encyclopedia - A reference work that summarizes knowledge found in original from elsewhere and provides an overview of subjects. Fabrication - The making up of information, such as falsifying data or experiments or claiming a source where none exists. Fact book - A reference work that includes key information on a given topic (e.g., country). Full-text data base - A database in which at least some of the records contain the full text of articles.
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