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Public Speaking, Ethics and You CHAPTER 13 Working outline- a preparation or rough outline that refines and finalizes the specific speech purpose, firms us and organizes main points, and develops supporting material Speaking outline- a delivery outline to be used when practicing and actually presenting a speech Sentence outline- an outline in which each main and supporting point is stated in a sentence form and in precisely the way the speaker wants to express the idea. Phrase outline- a delivery outline that uses a partial construction of the sentence form of each
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Unformatted text preview: point instead of using complete sentences that present precise wording for each point Key-word outline-the briefest of the three forms of outlines, it uses the smallest possible units of understanding associated with a specific point to outline the main and supporting points. Delivery cues-brief reminder notes or prompts place in the speaking outline; can refer to transitions, timing, speaking rate and volume, presentation aids, quotations, statistics, and difficult to pronounce or remember names or words...
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