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Ch 17 - Memory Speech is delivered entirely from memory...

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Methods of Delivery Chapter 17 Effective delivery: The skillful application of natural conversational behavior to a speech in a way that is relaxed, enthusiastic, and direct. Elocutionary movement: An approach to public speaking in which speechmaking is regarded as a type of performance, much like acting. Speaking from Manuscript: A style of delivery in which the speaker reads the speech verbatim that is, from a prepared written text containing the entire speech. TelePrompTer: A device that contains a magnified script of a speech; it is commonly used when a speaker’s remarks are televised. Manuscript: Speech is read from fully prepared text.
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Unformatted text preview: Memory: Speech is delivered entirely from memory. Impromptu: Speech is delivered without preparation or practice. Extemporaneous: Speech is well practiced and delivered from a key word or phrase outline. Speaking from Memory: A type of delivery in which the speaker puts the entire speech, word for word, into writing and then commits it to memory. Oratory: The art of public speaking. Speaking Impromptu: A type of delivery that is unpracticed, spontaneous, or improvised. Speaking Extemporaneously: A type of delivery that falls somewhere between impromptu and written or memorized deliveries....
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