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Ch 19 - appearance dress and objects held Scanning-a...

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Public Speaking, Ethics, and You Chapter 19 Aural channel- a nonverbal channel of communication made up of the vocalization that form and accompany spoken word. These vocalizations, also called paralanguage, include the qualities of volume, pitch, rate, variety, and articulation and pronunciation. Paralanguage- see aural channel Visual channel- a nonverbal channel of communication that includes the speakers physical actions and appearance-facial expressions, gestures, general body movement, physical
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Unformatted text preview: appearance, dress and objects held Scanning-a technique for creating eye contact with large audiences; speaker move their gaze across the audience from one listener to another and form one section to another, pausing as they do so to gaze briefly at individual listeners Talking head-a speaker who remains static, standing stiffly behind a podium and so resembles a televised shot of a speakers head and shoulders...
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