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Ch 21 - without tiny strokes or flourishes at the top or...

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Designing Presentation Aids Chapter 21 1. Eight by Eight Rule: Rule of design according to which the speaker does not include more than eight words on a line or eight lines on one PowerPoint slide or other kinds of visual aid. 2. Font: A set of type of one size and face. 3. Sans serif typefaces: Typefaces that are blocklike and linear and are designed
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Unformatted text preview: without tiny strokes or flourishes at the top or bottom of each letter. 4. Typeface: An assortment or set of type or characters all of one style and sometimes one size. Typefaces come in a variety of lettering styles. 5. Serif typefaces: Typefaces that include small flourishes, or strokes, at the top and bottom of each letter....
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