Ch 29 - or policy 5 Staff Report-A report that informs...

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Public Speaking, Ethics and You CHAPTER 29 1. Presentational Speaking -Reports delivered by individuals or groups within a business or professional environment. 2. Sales Presentation -A presentation that attempts to persuade a potential buyer to purchase a service or product described by the presenter. 3. Basic Sales Technique -A synonym for Monroe’s motivated sequence, a five-part process of persuasion. 4. Proposal -A type of business or professional presentation in which the speaker provides information needed for decisions related to modifying or adopting a product, procedure
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Unformatted text preview: or policy. 5. Staff Report-A report that informs managers and other employees of new developments relating to personnel that affect them and their work. 6. Progress Report-A report that updates clients or principals on developments in an ongoing project. 7. Crisis-Response Presentation-Oral presentation in which the speaker seeks to reassure and organization’s various audiences (“publics”) and restores its credibility in the face of potentially reputation-damaging situations....
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