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sociology project

sociology project - EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT Christopher...

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EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT Christopher de Ronde Early childhood development BACKGROUND The target audiences of this research paper are parents who want a better education for their son or daughter. Parents need to know that when a child attends school early such as preschool, they will be more likely to succeed throughout school. Learning in a child’s life will start long before they enter preschool or kindergarten. Children begin to learn the minute they are born into the world. They learn how to drink their mom’s milk, they learn to breathe, and they learn to cry. Babies and children begin to learn about different things every day. When you have a child, you need to be teaching your child constantly so your child can have a wonderful beginning in school. Parents helping their children develop learning experiences are the best things a parent can do. Children who start kindergarten with no prior learning experiences will soon fall behind the kids who were given learning experiences before the start of kindergarten (Ad Council). And by the third grade, these children will most likely never catch up to the rest of the student’s intellect in their class (Ad Council). This is very important to know because if you want your child to succeed in school, you should enroll them into preschools or baby ivies. DESCRIPTION OF PROPOSED CAMPAIGN The proposed issue in my paper is telling the readers of how early childhood development will benefit one to succeed in preschool and all the way through college as well. It is said that the brain grows tremendously in the first three years of a child’s life. This is why it’s so crucial to help your child learn new things because it helps your child’s brain development. Parents should read to their child twenty minutes a day, recite poems and silly rhymes, and you should also explore the world around like taking your child to parks and zoos (Suite 101). Be sure to talk to your child about what you see in the parks and the zoos because it will definitely benefit your
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EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT child’s developmental process (Suite 101). Jonathan Kozol believes and has done much research to show that students who are enrolled into Kindergarten and special programs are the ones who will excel and receive higher test scores, rather than the students who do not have the
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sociology project - EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT Christopher...

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