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Unformatted text preview: Engineering 111 Winter 2011 Assignment #1 Researching Stocks and Quantitative Analysis Instructions: Submit the file through Courseweb with your name and student ID as the document title (ie. Joe_Bruin_1020203.doc or Joe_Bruin_1020203.pdf). You must follow this convention to receive full credit. Back Story: You are a recent graduate of the King Bristow School of Business and Engineering, and managed to secure an analyst job at a promising new hedge fund. You spent the summer volunteering at a medical clinic in the 3 rd world, so it’s been a few months since you’ve thought about finance. Since you haven’t done stock analysis in a while, your new boss wants to ease you in gradually. “Why don’t you refresh your mind on financial analysis by giving me a basic analysis report? I need to know this information anyway. We’re building a new portfolio for some of our clients”. You walk over to your window office and blankly stare at your computer. You silently mutter to yourself, “I’m glad You walk over to your window office and blankly stare at your computer....
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