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Katie Garth October 10, 2010 Mrs. Curtright Adv. Composition Outsiders 2 People may be considered outsiders in any situation where they’re not like every- one else there. Who really names the outsiders? Who determines whether or not they’re normal? People are always going to be an outsider at some point or another, how they handle it what determines their path. Katie was usually considered an outsider as a child; it can be hard but once she learned to embrace it was more fun. Why would any- one want to be just like everyone else around them? Copies get boring, but an original is always interesting. Katie used to try to copy all those girls she looked up to when she was young, but she learned that that’s not the way she wanted to go through life. High School can be a cruel world, but Katie believes in the saying that those who are making fun of everyone are the most insecure about themselves. Some of the biggest bullies she knows are really the outsiders, they just don’t want anyone to see
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Unformatted text preview: who they truly are so they point out the differences in others. Most of Katie’s best friends are “outsiders” because they’re the most interesting people if you ask her. As people grow older they learn to appreciate people for what they offer that no one else can, eventually most find those outsiders are the ones who can really go places in life because they have something others don’t. When applying for a job or spot at college they have the advantage of being an outsiders because com-panies and colleges want diversity and creativity. Those who are different in some way, shape, or form should use it to their ad-vantage and show people who they really are. If people love themselves others will come around. That advice may not stand true in middle school(haha) but once their ac-quaintances mature they’ll stop trying so hard to fit in themselves and realize how mag-nificent diversity can be....
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