DesignA - MomentMax = 1/8*w*L^2; BendingStressMax =...

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% DesignA.m % Patel, 26aug2010 % function [MomentMax, BendingStressMax] = DesignA( w, L, b, h) f % simply supported beam with uniform load % Inertia = 1/12*b*h^3; MomentMax = CalcMomentMax (w, L); M funtion [MomentMax] = CalcMomentMax (w, L)
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Unformatted text preview: MomentMax = 1/8*w*L^2; BendingStressMax = CalcBendingStressMax(w, Inertia, h) B function [BendingStressMax] = CalcBendingStressMax(w, Inertia, h) c=h/2; BendingStressMax = Moment*c/Inertia...
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