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Shamika Hewitt Humans to Live Longer, Technology Breathing After reading the article, “Computers Will Enable People to Live Forever”, I’m amazed and afraid at the same time. It isn’t natural to be able to live longer. To be able to get nanobots in my blood, be able to see background information about someone or vice versa as we walk down the street is crazy. That’s creepy. We may as well be robots. Its good that doctors will be able to backup our memory by the late 2030s, that will save some people from amnesia and
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Unformatted text preview: Alzheimer’s. I believe that it will be more beneficial to become more technological but, I still believe it will shape the world into something people have only dreamed of. I like the thought of being able to fix medical problems with the push of a button but I just cant imagine being healed and unnatural, or abnormal. Nanotechnology is the beginning of the Jetsons world, and the world is becoming a big technology experiment....
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