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Discussion Notes September 21, 2010 A.)Recap a. The most important take home point from the spatial model is i. All things being equal, greater the ideological tension among the elected ranches, greater the strategic opportunity for judicial dynamism ii. AKA the more room the court has to move dynamically b. Spatial Model is a tool used to generate hypothesis, to simplify interactions, Dem Conservative Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone3 Zone 4 Zone 5 In between 2 and 3 is H, HI S President at line of zone 3 In between 3 and 4 is SI
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Unformatted text preview: In between 4 to 5 is Pi _ **** How reliable is this system? ******* B.) Kagan Recap Extent to which process is dominated by government official ⇓ Informal Formal ⇐ Extent In which decisions are made according to preexisting rules Hierarchical Expert or Political Model (Soviet Style Political Courts) Bureaucratic Legalism (German, EU, Japan Courts) Party Influenced: Negotiation or Mediation (settlement, self-help) Adversarial Legalism (US tort system)...
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