The Brass Chair

The Brass Chair - the bulkiness I needed and they are shiny...

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The Brass Chair By Peter Klimov For my project, I decided to create something new and different, something that no one has thought of before. So, I decide to create a chair made out of brass casings. The idea came to my head, when I stood in my garage and looked around for possible materials that I could construct a chair from. First, I thought of wire and rope but then I figured that the rest of the students would use the same or similar materials. So I continued to look and thought more to myself about the design. I wanted to create a chair that shows authority and makes a person feel powerful when sitting in it. For that reason, I wanted it to be lifted high enough and the chair had to have bulkiness to it, like a linebacker on the football team, to reflect the strength. After spending an hour looking for the right material around the garage, I came across brass cases. I like to go shooting once in a while and since ammo is getting quite expensive nowadays, I started to reload my own ammunition. The ammo cases where perfect. They have
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Unformatted text preview: the bulkiness I needed and they are shiny like gold, making a person who would sit in the chair feel powerful. . Also, the ammo cases had that destructive look to them. I used a glue gun to hold the ammo cases together. It took several attempts and lots of glue, because the cases were polished so that they would shine, but at the same time it made it nearly impossible for the glue to stick. After several attempts and the right technique the glue stuck to the casings and the chair started coming together. After the chair was assembled, there was lots of glue sticking out between all the cases. I had to fix this problem, so I went online and looked for a small picture of guns with a yellow background to match the brass color, printed the picture out and glued it to the back of the chair, to cover the access glue. To give the chair the last finish, I went to Wal-mart and purchased two small toy guns and glued them to the side of the hand rests, making my guns & ammo design complete....
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