Lab 5 - Heat of Reaction - CH 116 Heat of Reaction Lab...

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CH 116 Heat of Reaction Lab Report 6 Bryce Wright 3/3/2011
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B. Wright Heat of Reaction 2 1. Intro . The experiment performed during this lab helped determine the heat of reaction in an acid base reaction using a Styrofoam-cup calorimeter. Acetic acid was mixed with sodium hydroxide. This mixture formed sodium acetate and water. By mixing the two volumes together and recording any temperature change, the data obtained could be used to determine the heat of reaction. 2. The Experimental Section. All required materials were gathered: thermometer, Styrofoam-cup calorimeters, and 200mL of both NaOH and acetic acid. 40mL of acetic acid and 20mL of 1.0 M NaOH were measured out. The acid was in excess. For the first three mixtures, the larger acetic acid (in excess) was poured into the calorimeter first and its temperature was measured. The NaOH (serving as the limiting reagent) was then quickly added and stirred while the temperature of the mixture was measured. Every temperature taken was logged after at least 30 seconds or until the thermometer reached a zenith. This method gave an initial and final temperature with which to calculate the
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Lab 5 - Heat of Reaction - CH 116 Heat of Reaction Lab...

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