Lab 6 - Colorimetry - CH 116 Colorimetry A Test of...

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CH 116 Colorimetry A Test of Spectrometry Bryce Wright 3.10.11
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Wright Colorimetry 1 1. The Spectrophotometer. Spectrophotometers measure the absorbance or the percent transmittance of a liquid sample. Absorbance is the measurement of how much light a liquid will absorb when the light is passed through it. The instrument measures color intensity, or wavelength of light. To obtain a numerical absorbance measurement, a sample of liquid is placed in a cuvet, a prism-like test tube designed specifically for use in spectrophotometry. The cuvet must be wiped cleaned with laboratory tissue prior to placing it in the device in order to remove any oils that could potentially disrupt readings. After the lid has been secured over the slot, the device is ready to read. A 560nm beam of light is emitted through the cuvet and the absorbance then appears on the monitor. 2. Absorbencies. Concentration (M) is defined as moles of solute divided by liters of solution. This lab dealt with a 0.02M stock solution of [Cu(NH
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Lab 6 - Colorimetry - CH 116 Colorimetry A Test of...

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