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Anthony Bonanni Bonanni – 1 Francis Ryan History 0892 12 – 8 – 2010 Final Paper The United States is not going to become a post-racial society, at least not during our lifetime . I do agree that we are gradually moving forward towards the idea of a post-racial society, but I do not think that we will ever reach that point . The main reason why I think this is because race will always be in our lives . Everyone looks different from one another, and many people come from many different places . To be in a post-racial society, the society must not allow race to determine people’s identities . I personally think this is impossible because our race is one physical aspect that sets us apart from many other people . It will always be something that determines who we are and what we look like . Another reason is because people like to set themselves apart from other people, they like to determine how they are different . Race is one way that people differentiate themselves from others, and they always will . It is not a bad thing for people to differentiate themselves from others, it is just stating fact . It becomes a problem when people treat others differently because of their racial differences . That is the area where I think the United States is improving, and can completely move past . Compared to many years ago, there is a lot less racial discrimination and violence that is going on in America, and I think that as a country we will only get better as time moves on .
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Bonanni - 2 A great example of how America is moving towards a less discriminative society is the election of Barack Obama as President . He is the first United States President that is part African American . He overcame the boundaries of race and made it to the highest point in this country . And I know that we are moving in a forward direction because the talk about him being the first African American basically stopped about a month after he won . I never hear any talk about him being African American or anything like that, and that is a good sign . People really are beginning to put the issue of race behind them, and moving on with their lives, treating people of every race fairly . If we were not moving towards a post-racial society, then either he
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finalpaper - Anthony Bonanni Francis Ryan History 0892 12 8...

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