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Anthony Bonanni Bonanni – 1 Francis Ryan History 0892 11 – 5 – 2010 Movie Review of Crash In this movie, racism is all over. It is on all sides too, it seemed like every different nationality had a problem with every other nationality throughout the whole movie. This movie is a very strong movie, especially in its emotion around the end of the movie. The whole movie was based off of many racial conflicts, and many stereotypes were used while making the characters. There are a lot of different storylines in this movie, most of which do not have anything to do with each other. This made it a little bit tougher to follow along with the movie, but it still turned out to be a very enjoyable movie to watch. To assess the first question “How does the film present whiteness as the racial norm in the United States?” there are many ways that whites were presented as the racial norm. This movie followed the typical stereotype of whites being a racial norm by making them the rich, high class people. The one married couple, Jean and Rick Cabot, drive a new Lincoln Navigator, and early on in the movie it gets stolen from them at gunpoint. Rick Cabot is a rich, District Attorney, and he lives in a huge house, and has a maid to do cleaning around the house. After he and his wife go home as a result of their car getting stolen, he is happy that they are both ok, but seems as if he does not care so much about the car being stolen. He mentions that because the robbers are black, he is worried that if this story makes the news, that he may lose the black vote.
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Bonanni - 2 As they are talking about this, they hire a Hispanic locksmith named Daniel Ruiz to change their locks. The locksmith’s tattoos and pants makes Jean believe that he is a member of a gang and that he is going to sell sets of keys to some of his gang members. She goes on a rant about this, and orders her husband to have the locks changed again the next morning because she does not trust Daniel. Another little scene that I noticed to exploit the whiteness as a norm in this movie
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moviereview - Anthony Bonanni Francis Ryan History 0892 11...

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