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SBI4U METABOLISM TEST REVIEW 1. Define the terms metabolism, catabolism, and anabolism. 2. Write the balanced chemical equation for aerobic cellular respiration of glucose. 3. How many carbon atoms are in: a) glucose b) pyruvate c) acetly-CoA d) citrate 4. a) How many carbon atoms remain from the original glucose at the end of Krebs cycle? b) Where did the carbon atoms go? c) Where did the oxygen atoms go? d) Where did the hydrogen atoms go? 5. a) What does ATP stand for? b) Draw and label the general structure of ATP. c) What class of biologically important molecules is ATP related to? d) Describe how ATP is used to provide energy. 6. Identify the location in the cell and net products of: a) glycolysis b) matrix reactions c) ETS (oxidative phosphorylation) 7. Identify any special molecules (reactants) needed by each of the following processes: a) glycolysis b) matrix reactions c) ETS (oxidative phosphorylation) 8. Be able to label diagrams of glycolysis, matrix reactions, and ETS. 9.
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