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Unformatted text preview: EE2 Final Exam Study Guide ‐ Spring 2009 Exam Format: You may bring in one 8 ½” x 11” sheet of notes (double‐sided is fine). You should also bring a calculator. Scope: The exam will cover the lecture material from the entire quarter. It will be more heavily weighted toward material on which you have not yet been tested (i.e., after the midterm). Have a look at the topics listed below. If you see any that are not familiar, it may be good to have a look at the book or your notes to refresh yourself. The list is not all‐ inclusive, but it should get you pointed in the right direction. If you’re wondering what type of questions might be on the final exam, the midterm exam would be a good start. The midterm exam had a blend of short answer questions (1‐4 sentences), calculations, and derivations. Good luck!! Topics: • Everything on the midterm study guide • PN junction o Formation Drift Diffusion o Mobile charge carriers Minority carriers Majority carriers Concentration at edge of depletion region o Donors o Acceptors o Electron‐hole generation/recombination Diffusion length Carrier lifetime Traps o Depletion region Width Charge within Electric field Built‐in voltage o Metallurgical junction o Quasi neutral region o Einstein relation o Quasi Fermi level o Wide base vs. narrow base diode o Diode non‐idealities Reverse breakdown Reverse bias current EE2 Final Exam Study Guide ‐ Spring 2009 Forward bias current non‐ideality mechanisms o Small signal model Purpose of using small signal models Depletion capacitance (aka junction capacitance) Diffusion capacitance Conductance ...
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