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CEE 154 Chemical Fate and Transport in Aqueous Environments Problem Set #2 Due Wednesday April 14, 2010 Problems 1-11, 1-14, 1-22 part c only. Also: 1 A lagoon of livestock waste has a total (NH 3 ) T concentration ((NH 3 ) T = [NH 3 ] + [NH 4 + ]) of 10 -2 M, and a pH of 6. The pK a for NH 4 + is 9.3. Please calculate the vapor pressure of NH 3(g) in the air just above the lagoon, assuming an open system, and that the water is at equilibrium with the atmosphere. Hint: you’ll need the aqueous concentration of NH
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Unformatted text preview: 3 , which you can get from a mass action calculation. 2. 10-2 M of a particular acid (let’s refer to it as HA) is added to pure water. The pK a for this acid is 7. What is the resulting pH? The important part of the problem is to write out all constraints on the system: electroneutrality, mass action, mass conservation. You can then attempt to solve by making simplifying assumptions....
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