15 FK reading etc W 08-9(syll)

15 FK reading etc W 08-9(syll) - Details of Assignments for...

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Details of Assignments for Krasne's Part (i.e. first half) of Psych 15, Winter, 2009 Reading Assignments Krasne Topic 1: Nature and Nurture. Read Pinel, Chapter 2 . This chapter covers some material that you may already know (such as elementary genetics), some material that is really preparation for our second week of lecture on natural selection and sociobiology, and some material that is related to material that will be covered this week in class. It is not a great chapter, but it covers some useful material, and you should read all of it this first week of class. However, in reading it, do not worry about memorizing terminology; just try to understand as best you can what the author is saying and the points he is trying to make. You should make sure that you understand the elementary concepts of inheritance as described in the chapter or probably in your high school biology texts. Exams questions on this part of the course will be taken much more from lecture than from the text. Please note: Although I say above and in several places below not to try to memorize terminology in some chapters, I make no absolute guarantees that on occasion you might not be helped on an exam question by having memorized something that I did not think to alert you to or that I discouraged you from memorizing. However, it is my belief that if you study to try to understand what is being said, you will automatically remember most details and terminology that might be needed for answering exam questions. Krasne Topic 2. Aspects of Evolution.
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15 FK reading etc W 08-9(syll) - Details of Assignments for...

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