15 Nature-Nurture STUDY QUESTION 1 W09

15 Nature-Nurture STUDY QUESTION 1 W09 - Study Questions to...

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Study Questions to be answered on-line when you are ready (But I would recommend that you wait until we have started the second topic before working on them.) Some helpful hints, etc: i). If you don’t know something and can’t find it in your course texts, then go to dictionaries, the web, Wikipedia, etc, etc. and get help there. That is true for all your courses, not just this one. ii). Quite a number of these questions are on genetics because I want to make sure you can deal with very basic genetics ideas, which many of you learned in high school biology. Dawkins will explain some things about genetics that could help you with some of these questions. So some genetics questions might be easier to answer after you have read the assignments on Evolution. But you may also get help from Pinel or the Web (Wikipedia sometimes has it slightly wrong, but it is still a useful source and is usually helpful). iii). You may find some of the following hard, but they will be good for you. We will give full credit even if you get a third of the questions wrong. We are grading this only to make sure you take it seriously. It will help you learn, and it will help you greatly with the midterm and final if you work hard to try to figure out the answers and don’t just copy them from someone else!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 . Aliens from the planet Ozzz have either red hair, white hair, or pink hair (and genetic rules similar to those of Earthlings). There is one race of Ozzzians, the Red Heads, that marry strictly amongst themselves and are almost all red-heads. There is another race, the White Heads, that are almost all white-haired. If a Red Head mates with a White Head, the offspring always have pink hair. Suppose offspring of Red
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15 Nature-Nurture STUDY QUESTION 1 W09 - Study Questions to...

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