Syllabus - MATH 1941 Section 1 Fall 2010 Dr D Zitarelli HONORS CALCULUS I 606 Wachman Hall [email protected] Phone 215-204-7844 Fax

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MATH 1941 H ONORS C ALCULUS I 606 Wachman Hall Section 1 [email protected] Fall 2010 Phone: 215-204-7844 Dr. D. Zitarelli Fax: 215-204-6433 Class : TT 11:00 – 12:50 in 166 Beury Hall. Text : James Stewart, Single Variable Calculus: Early Transcendentals (6 th Edition), Thomson: Brooks/Cole, 2008. (ISBN: 0-495-01166-5) Content : Math 1941 is a high-level, four-credit, first-semester calculus course that involves both theory and applications. Topics: limits & continuity; differentiation of algebraic, trigonometric, inverse, exponential, and logarithmic functions; applications of the derivative; introduction to integration. There is a mix of computational and theoretical approaches in most of the material. Prerequisite : Authorization by an advisor in the Honors Program based on high scores on the SAT- quantitative exam and on Temple’s mathematics placement test, as well as solid foundations in geometry, algebra, and trigonometry. Homework
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